des voiles pour les prûnes ?

En plein débat sur la laïcité, à partir du 11 avril prochain, le voile intégral sera officiellement interdit dans les lieux publics…

Ha ? Ben bon courage aux policiers pour verbaliser…


(photo Diam’s)

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  1. le 5 juillet, 2014 à 15:07 Lincy écrit:

    A great video Joshua I’ve been there and I know the relief that comes from fogiivrng someone. I held back from fogiivrng my father for abusing me, because he would not admit it, let alone say he was sorry which was all I wanted to hear. Ten years after his death I finally clued in to the fact that not fogiivrng was hurting me, and then I made the commitment to forgive him..and that was all it took to actually come to a place of peace about what had happened to me in childhood.

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